Shipping FAQs

Here is what it cost me to ship 3 jars of salsa. You have to remember we are shipping a package that is 11x6x4, weighs 5.36 lbs, but USPS has you to round up to the next ½ pound. That is why a 5.5 lb weight.

Here is the breakdown of the actual shipping cost, so if you have a cheaper system, please let me know.

This is average shipping to all 50 states, many times, is as much as $11 or $12. I use a heavy grade of box to reduce damage

These are hard costs and do not include the labor to make the box. wrap the individual jars, bubble wrap the jar, stuff into a box, seal the box, attach the fragile label, shipping label and then drive 3.5 miles and back to deliver to the shipping point.

Item Cost
Shipping Cost $9.00
Box $1.00
PayPal Fees $1.25
Bubble Wrap $0.57
Fragile Label $0.08
Polybag for Jars $0.05
Shipping Label $0.05
Total Cost of Shipping $12.00